Soaps and Skincare

Skincare products are big business these days with dozens of different products available, all supposedly of which will improve the look and condition of your skin. All of these products probably work in some small way or another but often their benefits are very marginal, difficult to notice, especially if you do not use them for extended periods of time.

What all of these products have in common though are natural ingredients which are perhaps the most active ingredients in them. This means that in reality, it is that ingredient which is beneficial and not the product itself. If that is the case then why not just apply the ingredient? The answer to that is perhaps obvious, impractical but, if that ingredient was in a soap, not only is it beneficial but it is also convenient, especially as you have to use soap anyway.

It is rare to find a mass produced soap that has any of these beneficial ingredients in them but there are an increasing number of people, like those at that are making hand-made soaps that have these beneficial ingredients in them, making them both easy to apply and also beneficial to your skin. Companies like these, or certainly this one at least, have a wide range of different hand-made soaps available, each of them possessing their own unique qualities. Some of the beneficial ingredients in these soaps are:

  • Organic Coconut Oil – This produces a great lather and is a powerhouse of a cleanser making it present in most handmade soaps
  • Organic Olive Oil – Rich in antioxidants, this oil works great as a moisturizer
  • Organic RSPO Palm Oil – “Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil” RSPO provides good lather and helps make the soap long lasting
  • Organic Shea Butter – Rich in vitamins A & E has healing properties and is a great moisturizer
  • Organic Avocado Oil – Shea Oil’s vitamin E and antioxidants work as an anti-aging ingredient, helping to smooth skin
  • Organic Castor Oil – Castor Oil reduces pigmentations and inflamed skin as well as being a moisturizer
  • Organic Cocoa Butter – Rich in antioxidants, Cocoa butter helps fight the signs of aging by improving the tone and elasticity of the skin
  • Organic Mango Butter – As well as helping to make a soap longer lasting and harder, Mango Butter’s vitamins A & C help anti-aging
  • Organic Argan Oil – Argan Oil fights acne, tones skin and moisturizes
  • Organic JoJoba Oil – This is sometimes referred to as the Superfood for skin as it not only is aborbed easily by the skin but in doing so acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-bacterial as well as treating skin infections, reduces scarring and soothes sunburn
  • Ginseng – Ginseng has been used for hundreds of years as an antioxidant and its beneficial qualities still keep getting re-affirmed

With regular use of hand-made soaps like these, there seems little reason to spend hundreds of dollars on other skincare products as, after all, they only contain the same active ingredients anyway and so keep your wallet as well as your skin healthy by using hand-made organic soaps.