Counting Calories

There are a lot of people who have gone on a diet at some time in their lives and those that have will know that calories play a big role in losing weight or rather fewer calories play a big role in losing weight. For this reason, many people on a diet are encouraged to count their calorie intake on a daily basis and this can be troublesome at best and a nightmare at worst. This means a calorie counter can become depressed and stressed out, making it even harder to diet and lose weight.

What many people do not realize though is, as well as a diet supposedly affording you the opportunity to lose weight it should also be healthy and contain enough nutrients, vitamins and everything else to keep your body active and healthy. This means that sometimes eating the right foods can take priority over a simple calorie count. It is therefore important to learn or know exactly what calories are and their role in weight loss as sometimes extra calories may be needed in order to stay healthy.

Due to the fact that in order to lose weight and yet still eat enough healthy foods it is usually essential to exercise whilst trying to lose weight also. The reason for this is that the body, in order to stay healthy, would require more calories than weight loss alone would allow and so in order to burn off those excess calories, exercise is recommended. The idea, therefore, is that you eat more in calories and then exercise them off in order to get down to the required level for weight loss.

Exercising whilst on a diet though can also make a diet even harder to stick too, perhaps adding to the stress and depression. This means that there is no ‘one fits all’ diet which will assure weight loss for everyone and so choosing the correct diet for you is vitally important if you are to achieve any level of success. Eating more and exercising more may suit some people whilst eating less and hardly exercising at all may suit others. It is, of course, you and only you that will know the correct diet for you and so, by all means, ask advice but ask advice on several so you have a choice as to which would suit you best and by that I mean, which one would afford you the best opportunity to stick with and thereby achieve the required results.

Some foods such as carbohydrates are often said to be bad for people on a diet as they can add weight but whilst this may be true to a point, carbohydrates are a necessary part of any healthy diet. By knowing what your body needs and what each food contains will mean you can opt to get your necessary intake of carbohydrates in the most healthy way, such as wholemeal products. Although these too have carbohydrates, at least they also have other essentials, reducing the need for extra calories elsewhere in your diet.