Medicine Free Relief from Pain

helpthecheerleader biomat

Usually when someone has a painful joint or perhaps their muscles are painful, they would have to buy medication in order to relieve some of the pain. The trouble with this is that unless you know exactly which medication it is that will work and therefore relieve you of some of the pain, you could pay for one which is totally ineffective and so you are stuck with the pain and a lighter wallet. Fortunately today there are options which can help to relieve you of the pain from joints and muscles and some others as well and those solutions are not a medication but are instead, bio-mats.

A biomat is a mat made from 17 different layers some of which are similar or at least serve a similar purpose whilst others are perhaps unique and serve their own purpose but together they present a mat that will allow your natural healing energies, created and distributed by the body, to act to their full potential. The result of this is that relief can be afforded to aching joints muscles and back and there are also other beneficial side effects such as increased blood circulation, better sleep and the relaxation of muscles. It is also claimed that the mat can also assist in the relief of pain caused by minor sprains and strains.

These extraordinary mats come in 5 sizes or types; there is the mini, the single, the professional, the queen and the king. The mini is of course the smallest and that is able to be easily mobile, perhaps being moved from the house to work and back again. The single is for use by a single person and whilst the professional is of a similar size, it is more appropriate for use in a clinic or other medical establishment. The queen as with any type of queen, is designed for use by two people at a time and the king has been designed to fit snuggly on a king size bed.

As there are very many people today that suffer from aching muscles or painful joints, it is little surprise that these mats are being greeted by as much popularity as they are and that popularity is likely to keep increasing over the coming years. There are already many clinics and other medical facilities which have biomats on their premises and although most of them are the professional versions, one or two of the facilities are to other types. It are therefore the homes where most of the queen and kings go to and of course the mini which although, can also be used in the home, can be used anywhere else also.

Each of these mats comes with a control box and so that and the mat are connected by a single line to the power source. The control panel allows users to change the temperature and also monitors several of the mat’s features and includes a warning device should something not be working as it should.